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Brick Construction
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The Versatility and Benefits of
Debris Netting

Debris netting or Scaffold sheeting is an essential component for any scaffold. It offers a range of benefits, including:


  • Improved worker safety

  • Climate protection for workers, machinery, and open structures against inclement weather

  • A stable working environment that ensures deadlines are met regardless of weather conditions

  • Protection of surrounding areas from particles or building dust from sandblasting or water jetting during facade work.

Customer Focused

Our Debris netting partner Monarflex have a best in class, Product Range.

Monarflex offers an extensive range of scaffold sheeting products that cater to the varying requirements of different industries. The reinforced scrim, which is protected by two layers of low-density polyethylene, is available in different thickness levels of 1100 and 1670 dtex. This variety ensures that every customer can find the perfect product that meets their exact needs.

Construction Site

Sheeting partner Monarflex 

Construction Site


Cost Effective


In addition to its standard sheeting range, Monarflex also provides Flamesafe products for environments that require additional safety measures. The Flamesafe version is ideal for use in situations where open flames are in use, such as welding or during the restoration of historical buildings. The Flamesafe sheeting is treated with flame retardant additives, which prevent the spread of fire and guarantee self-extinction of flames.

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