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Dance of Creation Poem

Poem by Fairfax Scaffolding - Dance of Creation

View of a sky line with sky scrapers wrapped in Scaffold

We love Scaffolding and we see it as our own form of art. So we decided to pen a poem in its honour and celebrate its beauty. We hope you enjoy.

In the heart of the city, under skies so wide,

Stands the skeleton of progress, in steel beams, it takes pride.

A lattice of potential, where dreams are not confined,

Scaffolding, the architect of progress, intertwined.

It rises the pavement, a temporary spine,

A meshwork of ambition, in the sunlight, it does shine.

Each pole and every platform, a testament to climb,

A structure that supports, as aspirations align.

Upon this metal framework, workers tread with care,

Their silhouettes at dawn, painting stories in the air.

With every floor ascended, closer to the clouds they fare,

In the realm of towering giants, they craft their lair.

It’s a dance of creation, where every bolt and brace,

Holds the weight of futures, in its cold, iron embrace.

A beacon of transformation, in an ever-changing space,

Scaffolding, the unsung hero, in the urban race.

As seasons change their colors, and years start to fold,

This transient cathedral, its stories untold.

Will vanish in the ether, its purpose, bold,

Leaving behind the edifice, in the new world’s mold.

So here’s to the scaffolding, in its humble might,

A bearer of tomorrow, through the day and night.

In its absence, we’ll remember, as buildings reach new heights,

The silent sentinel of progress, now out of sight.

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