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Brick Construction
Flying Shore Fairfax Scaffolding


Efficient, Safe, and Reliable Flying Shore Scaffolding Solutions

When a building or other structure requires support, flying shore scaffolding, also known as raking shore scaffolding, comes into play. This is typically necessary when a structure has been weakened over time and requires long-term support, or when additional support is needed during modifications.

Flying shore scaffolding is a type of temporary structure that is used to support buildings or other structures. It is called "flying" because it is not directly attached to the building, but rather is supported by vertical posts that are placed at an angle against the building. These posts are called "shores," hence the name "shore scaffolding."

Brick Construction

The purpose of flying shore scaffolding is to provide additional support to a structure that may be weakened or damaged. It can also be used during construction or renovation projects to provide temporary support while work is being done. The scaffolding is designed to be strong and stable, with the ability to support heavy loads.


One of the advantages of flying shore scaffolding is that it can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of a building or structure. The angle of the shores can be changed to provide more or less support as needed, and the scaffolding can be easily moved or repositioned as work progresses.

Solid Support forYour High-Flying Projects

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