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Essex-Based Fairfax Scaffolding Champions Gender Inclusivity in Construction

Essex, United Kingdom - Fairfax Scaffolding, a leader in providing comprehensive scaffolding solutions, is spearheading a campaign to promote gender inclusivity within the construction industry. The company is actively encouraging more women to pursue careers in scaffolding by ensuring a supportive and inclusive work environment free from sexism.

"Advertisement for Fairfax Scaffolding featuring their brand logo with a backdrop of a brick building with scaffolding and a prominent yellow caution sign reading 'CAUTION WORKING OVERHEAD'."

In a progressive move to combat ingrained gender biases, Fairfax Scaffolding has announced the removal of the word “men” from all their safety signage, transitioning from signs that read “Men Working Overhead” to more inclusive alternatives such as “Working Overhead”. This change reflects the company's recognition of the valuable contributions women make in the construction field and its commitment to fostering an industry that respects and welcomes all genders.

Fairfax Scaffolding’s Managing Director, James Taylor, expressed, “We are dedicated to breaking down the barriers that have historically deterred women from entering the scaffolding profession. By changing the language used on our sites, we’re taking a significant step towards creaFng a more inclusive and diverse workforce.”

This initiative is part of a broader commitment by Fairfax Scaffolding to ensure that all employees, regardless of gender, feel valued and respected. The company is implemenFng various programmes designed to support women in the industry, including mentorship opportunities, skills training, and awareness campaigns to highlight the successes of women scaffolders.

Fairfax Scaffolding is proud to stand at the forefront of change in the industry. By rewording safety signs, they are not only altering language but are also shifting perceptions, paving the way for a future where construction is no longer viewed as a male-dominated field.

Vibrantly colored image of Fairfax Scaffolding set up around a traditional red-brick building, with the company's blue logo and slogan 'Elevating safety - Supporting Success', alongside a yellow caution sign at the storefront level and their website address at the bottom.

About Fairfax Scaffolding

Fairfax Scaffolding, headquartered in Essex, is a highly regarded, scaffolding service provider known for its unwavering commitment to safety,innovation and excellence in the construction industry. With a rich heritage of delivering top-tier scaffolding solutions, the company caters to a wide range of projects across the UK. Fairfax Scaffolding is dedicated to advancing the industry standard by embracing inclusivity, providing extensive training, and promoting a culture of respect and opportunity for all individuals seeking to build a career in scaffolding. For more information, visit

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